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Upholstery Cleaning

You enjoy coming home, throwing yourself on the couch and grabbing the remote to watch some football or Shark Tank on television. You probably bring the outdoor smell to your seat. After playing outside, your pet also knows that its favorite place is the living room. No wonder that you don’t like the smells and grime on your seating area any more. But, take heart. Our sofa cleaning services will do the job of upholstery cleaning.

Your Dirty Couch Cleaned

Our couch cleaning services are second or third to none. That means that we hold the number one spot not just in customer satisfaction, but in providing you the best cleanup in town. How do we do it so well? One, we have a skilled team of technicians that are well taught and thoroughly experienced.

Second, we use highly effective products that clean without polluting the environment in your residence. Third, we provide you with a no-obligation assessment that helps you determine how best to get upholstery cleaning.

Our Special Offers

Professionally Upholstery Cleaning

There are other attributes too that add value to the job that we do for our customers. These include on-time delivery, easy and flexible appointment times, and emergency response.

Our furniture cleaners will arrive in a short time if you want us to come and help you make your home ready for a quick sale or get it ready for an out-of-town guest. If you call us for upholstery cleaning, we will be at your door in less than two hours.

In addition to being the upholstery cleaners that most people trust, Bellaire Air Duct Cleaning, Texas, Harris County, also removes dust, debris and pollen from your ducts and vents. These materials, if not extracted, not only makes you sick, but it also makes your furniture dirty. But our job is to keep your home inviting guests and being the envy of neighbors.

We will use green products to beautify your furnishings and soon you, too will be impressed at the upholstery cleaning job that we can do for you and all for a modest expense.

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